The Certificate in Security Management is a 6-month programme aimed at providing skills and knowledge to the security industry. The demand for special knowledge in matters of security management has been created by the need to reduce the frequency and severity of losses. This programme aims to
• Close the currently existing gap, between security performance and security expectations.
• Empower security practitioners with prerequisite knowledge of property and human protection skills.
• Inculcate a spirit of professionalism within the security fraternity.
• Empower security professionals with criminal investigation skills.

Course Modules:
• Theory and Practice of Security
• Crime, Cyber-Crime and Crime Control
• Organisational Behaviour and the Business Environment
• Security and the Legal Environment
• Communication and Management of Security Records
• Principles of Investigations
Course information:

Length: 6 Months (lessons held once every month on weekends or online)
Price: $720.00 (Registration is continuous with a minimum fee of $100 required to secure a place.)
Payment Options: RTGS, POS (At our offices), Ecocash Option
*151*2*3*167466*Amt# for reference type, initial, surname and course name e.g. JDoeSecurity
Language: English
Assessment: Group Presentations, Assignments and Written examinations
Certification: Qualifying students shall be certified by NUST-CCE.

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