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Stores and Inventory Managment

Stores and Inventory management
The course objective is help managers associated with inventory management to understand the principles, the concepts and the techniques involved. It is also to show delegates how to apply these in a way that is financially beneficial to their companies’ balance sheets. It also aims to empower the participant to understand inventory management functions and gain capability to make significant qualitative and quantitative improvements in his job and department by a thorough understanding of all aspects of Inventory Management and Improvement Methodologies.
Who should attend?
This program is intended for personnel who wish to get a fast track understanding of the Inventory function. It is particularly recommended for Inventory Professionals to be promoted to Inventory Managers. When experienced professionals attend this program they gain insight into the Current Inventory Best Practices and Tools - this enables them to implement improvements in their work and that of their departments. When new entrants to department attend this program they become productively very quickly and start meaningful and informed contribution to their department work. Expected attendants are Logistics professionals involved with the management and control of inventory, including:
•Inventory Managers
•Warehousing Managers
•Financial Managers
•Procurement Managers
•Supply Chain and Logistics Managers
•Supply Chain Analysts

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