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Policy-makers at Treasury and Central Banks, Law Makers, Academics, Researchers, Practitioners, Company CEO's, Consultants, students of the Social Sciences, and other Interested parties are invited to participate in this unique, world-first interactive online course, and keep pace with paradigm shifts in finance and economic policy.

The Macro-Economic Design & Management Course is a product of theIngram Economic School based on fresh insights into original market fundamentals. In contrast with traditional economic theory which has struggled to piece the critical units together, for the first time in economic history, the M-EDM harmonizes government, finance and business macroeconomics for them to work optimally together towards the ultimate benefit of nations. Its practical thesis is ‘‘safer' is simpler, less costly, more competitive, builds confidence, and significantly boosts investment, employment, and economic growth.’

The Course modules

·         Module 1: Basic economic principles, proofs and the Complexity Theorem.

·         Module 2: Safer Savings and Lending contracts paradigm

·         Module 3: The new credit markets conformance framework

·         Module 4: The new currency markets conformance framework

·         Module 5: Treasury and Monetary Policy dynamics

·         Module 6: Comparison with other Schools of Economics.

It is a 3-months online course delivered through Moodle / Classroom e-learning platforms, as well as web packages complemented with face-to-face interactions, leading to the award of a NUST certificate. Additionally, there is ample opportunity for participants to write and publish scholarly articles in academic papers.

Interested participants are invited to visit to complete the application form as well as access Banking details, or telephone +263-9-887548.

Total fee: US$450.00. Commencement date: May 2017. Further logistics to be advised.

For more information please contact Mr E. C. D. Ingram This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Riekie Cloete This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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