The Executive Certificate in Microfinance and Entrepreneurship (ECEME) program is a world-class microfinance program designed with capacity impact knowledge, skills and insights, intended to address many pressing challenges faced by Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) today. It is common cause that MFIs are facing challenges related to control of non-performing loans, multiple lending, over-indebtedness, corporate governance, inadequate strategic business planning, and poor risk management among others. According to a ZAMFI 2010 strategic plan, skills deficiency was ranked highest and as such it is time to address this critical input that drive the efficient and productiveness of staff in MFIs.

Course Modules

• Fundamentals of Microfinance
• Principles of Entrepreneurship
• Microfinance Lending and Risk Management
• Financial Analysis and Performance of MFIs and Small Business
• Small Business Risk Management
• Governance and Regulation for Microfinance Institutions
• Market Research and Marketing of Microfinance Services
• Strategic Business Planning for MFIs and SMEs

Course information
Length: 6 Months (lessons held over weekends, i.e. 2 blocks over weekends)
Price: $960.00
Payment Options: RTGS, POS (At our offices), Ecocash Option
*151*2*3*167466*Amt# for reference type, initial, surname and course name e.g. JDoeECEME
Language: English
Assessment: Group Presentations, Assignments and Written examinations
Certification: Qualifying students shall be certified by NUST-CCE.

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