This module is suitable for second-level and third-level students commencing study in fields related to the architectural, engineering, and construction sectors, who wish to certify their 2D CAD skills to an independent international standard. It is also suited to those who may already work in these sectors in a non-technical capacity and who wish to acquire or certify 2D CAD skill


• Use a two-dimensional design application to create and save drawings, import and export drawings
• Use layers and levels
• Create objects and elements; use selection tools; manipulate objects and elements
• Use inquiry commands, for example, to measure distances, angles, areas
• Set and modify properties; create and modify text and dimensions
• Use blocks and cells; create, edit, and use objects from a cell library; embed or link to objects using OLE
• Prepare outputs for printing or plotting

Duration: 40hrs

Fees: $150.00

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