The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) came into being through the NUST Act and Statutes of 1991. Its establishment was approved by the NUST council in December 2000, in line with the University’s initial primary mission — “the advancement of knowledge with special bias towards the diffusion and extension of science and technology through teaching, pure research, applied research and the fostering of close ties with commerce and industry”. The Centre’s mandate is to facilitate and provide flexible continuing education and training opportunities to a wider public through the various departments of the university.

In addition to in-house programmes, the Centre offers context specific programmes developed at the behest of organizations and thus tailor made to suit specific needs. The focus and aim is to equip participants with the requisite conceptual and technical competencies for appropriate application in their work stations.

The Centre’s outreach programmes to the community are in line with one of the University’s core values of ‘Social Responsibility’. The outreach programmes are designed to avail higher education to communities and ordinary people in society. The CCE develops and runs extension education programmes designed to meet the development needs of the local communities, civil society and individuals.


To develop and run extension education programs tailor made to meet the needs of civil society, industry, commerce and agriculture.


To be the prime Centre of excellence in Computer and Professional Development Courses at the service of Commerce, Industry, Organizations and Institutions.


Training ahead and beyond.

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